Go Mobile – With Our Mobile Application Development Service

Need a custom, native Android or iOS app? A cross-platform responsive web app? A secure backend? You name it, we will do it.

iOS & iPad App Development

Alphalogic designs and develops high-quality iPhone and iPad applications for some of the world’s greatest companies. Our global team is composed of the most sophisticated iPad & iOS developers in the world; developers who can craft visually stunning iPhone and iPad apps. For us every pixel counts. Our designers make sure that every pixel is in its rightful place when we create clean, elegant, and appealing functional designs. The iPhone and iPad apps we deliver to our clients always exceed their expectations and exponentially increase their brand awareness.

From iPhone to iPad to Apple Watch – we’ve built a lot of iOS apps. After delivering several iPad and iPhone apps, we’ve achieved success in almost every category in just about every industry. We’re also experienced in Swift, and have the one of the best teams of C and Objective-C programmers.

Android App Development

Alphalogic designs and develops high-quality Android tablet and smartphone applications for some of the world’s greatest companies. Android App Development is one of our core competencies, making up almost half of our projects. At Alphalogic, our native Android app developers utilize our intuitive, agile process that ensures our clients receive a high-quality Android app.

We’ve designed and developed hundreds of cool Android apps on all significant Android releases. From Gingerbread to Lollipop to Marshmallow, simple phones to custom devices — we’ve done it all.

Responsive Website Development

A mobile, responsive website is no longer just a luxury; it’s a necessity.

If your website or web app isn’t responsive, you’re doing it wrong. Long gone are the days when your website was solely viewed on a desktop computer. Mobile devices are part of the new reality and your site needs to give the user a dynamic viewing experience for easy reading and navigation on all types of devices.

At Alphalogic, we follow the mobile-first strategy. We’ve been making our websites and web apps responsive and adaptive for years now. We build fast-loading, highly optimized experiences that can be viewed from any device; be it a smartphone, tablet, or a desktop computer.