Predictive Analytics: Understand The Future Demands Of Your Business

Change your approach to data. We help you eliminate the guesswork by extracting valuable insights from your data. With systematic learning of your current data, Predictive Analytics solutions can help you predict what might happen in the future, thus helping you understand your business demands and outcomes.

Uncover Actionable Insights

Alphalogic can help you gain actionable insights into your existing data by collecting it and analyzing it. Our Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, and Business Analytics Consulting Services provide you with the tools to unlock business value from the data you already have so that you can optimize your business operations. Specifically, you’ll be able to make better, informed business decisions across the whole enterprise to support growth and meet business demands.

We can help you select the right data mining and analytics platform and technologies so that you can:

  • Make smart and quick decisions across your organization
  • Improve customer retention using churn modeling
  • Improve customer satisfaction and enhance the productivity of business users
  • Get valuable insights from your enterprise data accumulated over decades
  • Reduce total-cost-of-ownership across your IT and business through improved efficiency
  • Get valuable insights into customer behavior and identify purchase preferences

Alphalogic is ready to provide high-level consulting for your specific needs at any business vertical. Our Business Analytics services include:

– Predictive Modelling
– Machine Learning
– Big Data Analytics
– Social Analytics
– Text Mining
– Healthcare Analytics

Improve Performance With Business Analytics


Predictive Analytics is all about the use of data to discover an optimal decision-making engine for your problem. As your data grows, the accuracy increases automatically.


A very important benefit of a Predictive Analytics model is that it can be directly embedded into an automated workflow. As new input data comes in, the output can be automatically estimated.


As new input data comes in, Predictive Analytics can generate answers in a matter of milliseconds, almost in real-time. A Predictive Analytics system in not only fast, but accurate.


Predictive Analytics systems are easily scalable to handle increased data rates. Most analytics processes run in parallel and enable good scalability to meet the needs of your business.

Apply Predictive Analytics To Your Business

Finance and Banking

  • Credit scoring
  • Fraud detection
  • Risk analysis
  • Client analysis
  • Trading exchange forecasting


  • Increase of diagnostic accuracy
  • Identifying at-risk patients
  • Insurance product cost optimization

Travel and Booking

  • Demand forecasting
  • Price optimization
  • Price forecasting (for dynamically changing prices)

Retail & E-commerce

  • Demand forecasting
  • Price optimization
  • Recommendations
  • Fraud detection
  • Customer segmentation

Marketing and Sales

  • Market and customer segmentation
  • Price optimization
  • Churn rate analysis
  • Customer lifetime value prediction
  • Upsell opportunity analysis
  • Sentiment analysis in social networks


  • Object recognition (photo and video)
  • Content recommendations (movies, music, articles and news)
  • And more