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Alphalogic is a top DevOps consulting services & solutions company having more than 10 years of experience in delivering end-to-end DevOps solutions for clients around the globe. Our rockstar DevOps engineers combine the development and operations work as a single unit to manage your project infrastructure.

All our DevOps solutions are automated, collaborative, integrated, and transparent; that help us provide agile delivery and rapid software prototyping for best-in-class solutions. Our DevOps engineers are experts in industry-leading DevOps tools, such as Docker, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Vagrant, Packer, etc.

Why DevOps?

The DevOps practice creates an effective agile environment with shorter and iterative development cycles. It enables the development team to resolve issues faster. DevOps Adoption in development process encourages rapid product release cycle with continuous integration, quality assurance, & stress-free deployment.


Deliver Applications Faster

DevOps tools encourage rapid release cycle with a continuous development, testing and deployment of software. This helps in delivering applications at a rapid pace. It offers the flexibility to make it easier for companies to scale up or down, cutting down development to production cycles from months to hours.


Better Serve the End-user

Our ultimate goal is to serve to the end user by offering better applications and making it quick. The DevOps approach offers faster development updates, quick solution for any issues/bugs, continuous deployments and delivers significantly improved end-user experience.


End-to-End Implementation

DevOps help in end-to-end implementation which includes monitoring and automation. The DevOps process helps to analyze and understand the performance of overall application performance. It helps quickly identifying any issues within the application or the infrastructure and improve the application.

Benefits of DevOps Adoption



DevOps provides higher scalability and enables smaller teams to manage the control, visibility and IT infrastructure resources.



DevOps provides strong integration abilities and it allows integration with variety of tools and platforms.



DevOps provides higher security. It also helps to maintain standards, compliance and security measures across the platform.



Automation plays a big role in streamlining development, continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment.



DevOps provides end-to-end visibility for all stakeholders where they are able to manage, track, collaborate and report on activities.



Using DevOps, it gives the flexibility to extend or replace existing tool-sets and processes with future technologies and best practices.

DevOps Services Offerings

With DevOps process implemented for over 100 world class applications, Alphalogic has deep expertise in implementing robust DevOps. We take pride in our matured process and focus on continuous improvement, collaboration, quality, and getting tested shippable product to the market.


Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

With the help of continuous integration and continuous deployment practices, we are able to verify each build through automated checks. This allows to detect problems early and fix quickly. We use following tools for respective services.

  • Maven and Jenkins for Continuous Integration
  • Chef for Configuration Management
  • GIT Server Setup and Management
  • Amazon CloudFront, CloudFlare for CDN Setups

Deployment services

Alphalogic offers deployment services and makes sure that the architecture is highly secure, reliable and scalable with performance optimization. For successful delivery and deployment, we provide following services:

  • Database Encryption
  • Periodic Database Backups
  • Traffic Division and Access Control Logging
  • Multi-zone AWS Deployments
  • ACLs for Secured Network
  • Managed Access Control Logs

Deployment Automation

We offer automated end-to-end deployment services where Alphalogic DevOps engineers help you to deploy robust applications. It helps speeds up the deployment process as well as makes it secure and reliable.

  • Amazon Autoscaling and Load balancing
  • MongoDB clusters deployment
  • Postgres replication clusters deployment
  • MySQL clusters deployment
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancing for traffic distribution

Testing Automation & Security

Our quality assurance team would do in-depth testing for mobile and web applications including functional, regression, security and smoke checks. All our tests are automated to speed up testing. Along with the traditional functional testing, we also provide the following services for our clients.

  • Testing automation
  • User acceptance testing of the application
  • Regression testing
  • Access control in AWS environments
  • Performance testing
  • Load testing

Alphalogic remote DevOps ninjas use the following tools and apps:

Devops Tools

DevOps Engagement Process

Know how DevOps help you, understand your goals, find your standing and develop your strategy to get that.

Devops services Steps

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